Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez

Mission Statement

Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez


The Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage has received a grant from the Estate of Jay K. Turner to establish and operate a youth maritime program.

Jay Turner visualized a youth maritime program creating personal growth and self awareness in its participants by exposing them to conditions which would call upon them to develop their own inner strengths as well as to develop interdependence with all the program’s participants. As a result of his generous bequest the Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez has been established.

Announcing our new  website !!!

The Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez and its Director Sean Wardell are happy to announce that we now have our own registered web domain and are in the process of building a new and comprehensive website to further the goals of serving our youth and the community by imparting knowledge and experience in the maritime skills as well as an appreciation for the legacy created by those who chose Cortez and its special character as the place to build their homes and raise their families.

Go to: http://cortezchallenge.org/

Or email for more information: TMCC@cortezchallenge.org

We are located at: Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez
                            4523 123rd Street Court West
                             Cortez, FL 34215
Call us at:                941-792-8200

Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez is based in Cortez, Florida, a fishing village with historical status. It is located in Manatee County, Florida. The population of Manatee County is approximately 300,000 with the largest town being Bradenton, Florida.
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